Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Todays work

My class is working on a book project. We are going to write a book together, and today we were supposed to start working on it. We got a couple of questions, an we had to choose one of them to answer. I decided on working together with my friend, Hanne (
http://englishsandvika.wordpress.com/ ). Our question was: "feel free to write about other ways to collaborate". We have written a text about collaborating and getting in touch with people from all over the world via twitter and Skype. Both Skype and Twitter are both social medias that are great to get in contact with other people, and it is perfect if need information, but can't find it. Even if you feel like you have read through almost all homepages, and all books on a subject, there will always be someone who know more. You just need to get in touch with them.


  1. I agree that Twitter and Skype are good ways to get in contact with people. I love my Twitter account and have followers from all over the world so I know it is a good way to find out information and get opinions from many different kinds of people.

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