Monday, August 27, 2012

Living in Norway

This is definately Norway for me. The beautiful nature, the fjords combined with the mountains, and the beautiful landscape is so typical Norwegian. We have so much different, from the far north, were the northern lights shine in the winther, to Oslo in south. The picture above is from a place called Geirangerfjorden. Extremely many tourists visit the place every year. I have actually never been there myself, and I believe that many other Norwegians have never been there either. I think that is a pretty typical Norwegian thing, we like to talk about our beautiful nature, but we have not seen a lot of it in real life ourselves!

Many people say that Norway is on of the countries that it is best to live, but I don't know. I haven't got anything to compare it to! I have never lived any other places than here. But, I guess it is a pretty good place to live. We get free helth care and education, which is really expensive in many other countries. The crime rates are pretty low, some people don't even lock their doors, while in Spain, there are bars on all windows and doors. Also, most of Norwegians live very clse to nature. even the capital, Oslo, lays really close to the woods and the sea. That is probably the reason why nearly every Norwegian have, or have access to, a cabin. We love our cottages, even though some of them haven't even got electrisity or water! I guess Norway is a pretty good place to live in, after all.


  1. Norway is so pretty! I love nature. i would love to visit there or maybe even live there for awhile. We have a national park called Yellowstone. Its located in Wyoming. It isn't as beautiful as the picture above, but it is still very pretty.

    1. Thank you for commenting! Yellowstone sounds beautiful.